Salisbury Middle School Handbook 2019-2020

ELECTRONIC DEVICES Leave home any iPods, CD players, hand-held games or any other electronic devices. The school will not be responsible for replacing them if they are lost or stolen. SALISBURY MIDDLE CELL PHONE POLICY Please see attached detailed policy. FIRE DRILLS Each classroom has a set of directions for leaving the building during a fire drill. These directions are posted by the exit door. Read these directions and learn what to do in the event of a drill or fire. When the bell sounds, move quickly and in an orderly manner towards the exit. Do not run. When outside the building, you should move with your class to a reasonable distance from the school and remain in single file with your class. You should return to the school with your teacher when signaled. If the fire bell rings at lunchtime, you should exit on the side of the cafeteria and move in an orderly manner outside. If the fire bell rings during class change, you are to exit the building at the nearest exit and locate the teacher of the class you were just dismissed from. Form a single file line with that class. GUIDANCE The guidance counselor(s) will assist you with problems related to academic guidance, behavioral counseling, peer relationship problems and grade checks. Our counselor(s) will help you plan class schedules and guide you in the selection of courses. You may schedule appointments with a counselor before school, during lunch or after school. Please do not stop at the guidance office between classes without an appointment. HALLWAY RULES You are expected to behave in an orderly manner while in the hallway. If you do not follow the rules you will be subject to disciplinary action. We ask that the following rules be followed: 1. No pushing, shoving, running, playing, hitting or harmful touching. 2. Use conversational/inside voices only. No loud voices or shouting. 3. Do not block the halls – no standing, stopping, or loitering. 4. Stay to the right of the hall for easy passing. 5. Move directly to your next class. 6. Do not go out of your designated area: 7. If you fail to give your name to a questioning adult, you will be held accountable according to our code of conduct. 8. Travel in the hallway is permitted only with a general use slip or student pass. HEALTH SERVICES . Periodically you may need to take medication during the school day. You must have a PHYSICIAN'S MEDICATION ORDER FORM filled out by the doctor prescribing the drug and a copy of this form must be on file with the nurse. This includes all over the counter and prescription medications. Medication must be brought to school by an adult and signed in before it can be administered to the student. If a student brings medications to school, they will be confiscated, and your parent/guardian will be notified. HOMEWORK Homework is necessary if you are to get the most out of your classwork. It is a good idea to review work covered that day in each class and to check carefully to see that your assigned work for the next day is complete. We believe that schoolwork is so important that it is worth doing correctly, and this takes time, interest, and effort. If you are out of school for two (2) or more days because of illness, your parent may call the school and ask that your work and books be collected. Your parent or some other designee should pick up the homework and you will return it when completed. LOCKERS A locker will be assigned to you on your first day of school. You must use only the locker assigned to you. Sharing lockers is not permitted. Students will need to purchase their own lock or purchase one from the school. Lockers must be locked at all times, either with a personal lock or one provided by the school. The locker is property of the school and must be treated with care. Lockers in the gymnasium locker rooms may be secured by any lock that you provide from home. We do not permit you to remove locks from the school lockers to apply to gymnasium lockers, even temporarily. Maryland State law states, “Every principal, vice principal or authorized security officer of a public school may conduct a search of the physical plant of a school and every appurtenance thereof, including students’ lockers.” MEDIA CENTER Books may be signed out from the Media Center for a period of time. If the books are not returned on or before the date they are due, you will be fined each day beyond the due date. When the overdue book is returned, the fine no longer accumulates. If a book is lost, you will be charged the replacement cost of the book. Also, a fee will be charged for any damages to library books. The cost of books is very expensive, so great care should be exercised in handling the books. No book is to be taken out of the media center until media personnel have properly checked it out. Violation or abuse of media center procedures will result in the loss of media privileges.