Fruitland Intermediate Student Agenda 2019-2020

The Wicomico County Board of Education does not discriminate in admissions, access, treatment, or employment in its programs and activities on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, color, gender identity and expression, national origin, creed, religion, age, ancestry, genetic information, or physical or mental disability. Fruitland Intermediate School 208 W. Main St. Fruitland, MD 21826 410.677.5805 Mr. Jon Shearer, Principal Ms. Christina Stewart, Assistant Principal 2019-2020 School Year GREETINGS FROM THE PRINCIPAL Greetings and welcome to Fruitland Intermediate School. We are proud of our school and encourage you and your parents to become a part of our community of learners. We encourage excellence, and we provide a program of study that is rigorous and relevant as we develop those relationships that are very important for learning and achievement. The faculty and staff are responsible, caring individuals with many gifts and talents that they are willing to share to enable you to be successful. Please ensure that you are working hard to support your own learning through the rich experiences that will be provided. Please consider that your success, while supported by a wonderful faculty and staff, is your responsibility. Having a positive attitude is contagious and makes for a much more pleasant atmosphere. Attitude affects behavior, as well. We expect exemplary behavior from everybody, even when it is difficult. You have choices to make, sometimes moment by moment. Please make those appropriate choices in your daily activities that build up instead of tear down, that rise toward success instead of failure. All of these: positive attitude, exemplary behavior, and making appropriate choices are important for the smooth operation of our school. We will adhere strictly to the guidelines of our county code of conduct for disciplinary actions. There is a newly revised code of conduct that addresses student behavior at each of five levels of responses and interventions. Please review the document and understand its intent is to guide behaviors and to hold accountable the rare student who is disrupting our school operations with misbehaviors. In addition, there is a newly adopted attendance policy to which we will hold both students and their parents accountable. It is critical that students attend school and access learning activities that require cooperation and collaboration. It is not enough to “make up” work after an absence. Students must be engaged with learning activities in order to make sense of the increasing rigorous content and respond appropriately to the carefully crafted lessons that our teachers prepare. We are very proud of our school, our teachers, our staff members and each one of our students. Thank you for doing your part to be a successful learner in our school.