East Salisbury Elementary 2018-2019

notice to this effect is posted on each entrance door of Wicomico County Schools. In addition to allowing us the opportunity to meet visitors to our school, this policy provides for the protection of our students and staff. If a parent/guardian needs to bring something to school for their child or need to confer with the child during the school day, all parents/guardians are asked to report to the office. The office personnel will be glad to provide the parent/guardian with a “Visitor’s Pass” and/or assist in any other way. AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK Each year, during the month of November, American Education Week is observed in the schools throughout Wicomico County. Although schools maintain an open-door policy on a year- round basis, American Education Week is a special time of planned open house activity. The basic purpose of this week is to make every American aware of the important role education plays in a democracy and to foster an increased realization that schools are the personal responsibility of all. NEWSLETTER A school newsletter is sent home on regular basis. This contains important and interest information including special announcement, reminders, and special dates of interest for all students and parents. Please review the information and contact the office if you have any questions or suggestions for additional features. FIELD TRIPS Field trips are scheduled as part of the students’ educational program. Permission slips must be signed by a parent/guardian before students are permitted to leave the school. MEDIA RELEASE There are occasions throughout the school year when students are involved in activities and events which receive favorable media/newspaper coverage. We are proud to share students’ accomplishments as we hope you are. We need your permission to share your child’s picture or statements with the media. Please complete the appropriate spaces below: ____I give permission for my child__________ to be interviewed, photographed, or videotaped during positive activities at school. I understand that these will be made public. _____I DO NOT give permission for __________ to be interviewed, photographed, or videotaped during positive activities at school. Parent Signature_________________________ Date_________________