Beaver Run Elementary Student Handbook 2019-2020

8 made as to how long the student will remain off the bus. 4th Offense Automatic 30 school days off the bus. 5th Offense Automatic removal from the bus for the remainder of the school year. FIELD TRIPS A single class, grade level , or combination of classes frequently takes field trips. They are not, however, a requirement. Field trips are taken at the discretion of the teachers at each grade level and must be curriculum oriented with specific objectives taught prior to the trip and appropriate extension activities conducted after the trip. When trips are taken, it is most important that all members of the class attend. Otherwise, several lessons will have no meaning for the students who do not attend. If this creates a financial problem for a family, please call the school principal or assistant principal to discuss possible arrangements for assistance. Such calls will be kept confidential. Money for field trips is determined by the number of people going on the trip, the cost of buses and the cost of any admittance fees. It is impossible to refund money paid for trips if, for any reason, a person cannot participate, since we assess the absolute minimum to pay for the expenses listed above. Once a teacher decides to take the class on a field trip, teachers will provide written notice to parents of all details concerning the trip. Questions about trips should be directed to the child's homeroom teacher. SCHOOL PICTURES Pictures of individual students are taken in the Fall and made available to all parents on a preorder/prepay basis. Every effort has been made to select the most reasonably priced picture service offered; and everything feasible has been done to see that quality service is provided. Group pictures and a second individual picture are taken of each class in the Spring and are also made available to parents on a preorder/prepay basis. FIRE/SAFETY DRILLS Fire Drills will be conducted on a regular basis throgout the school year. If you are in the school when a fire bell rings or an announcement regarding a code, please follow the instructions given to you by school personnel. Drills of this nature are practiced with the children and staff in order to ensure their safety and well being. BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS/ DONATE A BOOK/STORE BOUGHT FOOD Instead of sending treats to school to celebrate your children's birthdays, please consider donating a book to our school library. A name plate will be placed inside the front cover of the book you and your child select giving his/her name, birth date and reason for the donation. A treat is eaten and soon forgotten, but a book will live on for many years in the honor of your child. If you desire to bring in birthday treats for your child’s class, you may distribute them at your child’s lunchtime in the cafeteria or a time designated by your child’s teacher. **ALL food must be store bought and include nutrition labels on the package. No homemade food may be distributed at school. Please understand this is a safety measure for children with severe food allergies and all ingredients must be reviewed for the safety of these children.** LOST and FOUND Lost items are displayed in the cafeteria daily, except for jewelry, watches, eyeglasses and other items that are too small to hang. These small items are kept in the school office. At the end of each marking period, clothing that is not claimed will be donated to a charity.