Pemberton Elementary 2018-2019

Mission Statements: Mission Statement: Pemberton Elementary School’s mission is to create a positive, safe learning environment where each child will become a lifelong learner. Belief Statements: • Quality instruction will be generated through data analysis, grade level team meetings, co-teaching, and professional development. • Quality instruction provides a variety of opportunities for students to engage in the learning process. • We will embrace each child’s learning style and equip them to reach their full potential. • We will continue to foster a connected and caring community focused on building positive, trusting relationships. • Pemberton Elementary will continue to be active with the Judy Center Partnership, faith-based partners, Salisbury University, and other outside community agencies. Values: • Developmentally appropriate practices incorporated within quality instruction • Parental and community involvement and input • Student growth driven by data analysis • Ongoing, consistent student attendance • Demonstration of citizenship through social, emotional growth and building trusting relationships Pemberton School Code Follow the four “R’s” Respect Responsibility Ready to Learn Rethink Choices (If Needed)